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All that GLITTERS gets SOLD 

Welcome to Tampa Bay's All Inclusive Home Staging Company! 

With Glitter On Top, staging your home to SELL starts the moment I pull up to your door.  For many of us our memories are part of our homes.  Saying goodbye can be difficult.  Hence the reason we hesitant to remove that child's swing from the front yard, or the wooden playset outback.  I completely understand, trust me I do!

However potential buyers only see our lives there, it becomes hard for them to picture a life of their own in the same space.  The point is for them to walk in and feel "at home".  We are trying to welcome them, while moving you onward. 

Staging is not decorating.  When you purchase a home, you decorate it with your own personal style.  Many times adding pictures of your family and friends.  Personal tastes and touches that make you feel comfortable.  After all that's what a home should be, comfortable. These items should be removed before listing your home for sale.  When you stage a home correctly it's simply to show the home in its best light at all times. Keeping the lines simple and the decor elegant or classic. 

I promise to showcase the style and personality of your home. The assistance of well placed accent pieces, statement furnishings, beautiful window treatments and classic art will stage your home for a fast sale.  Every home can use the added benefits of being properly staged.  

Let me help you market your home to the world of buyers through the Glittering eyes of a professional home stager.  After all.... All that Glitters gets SOLD! 

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